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LegalPay helps plaintiffs cover legal fees, working capital, and beyond, using non-recourse litigation funding.

LegalPay is creating an alternative-investment asset class for investors, regardless of their net worth; an opportunity to realise significant returns through litigation finance. Until now, such wealth-creation opportunities were typically available to only the top 5% ultra-wealthy and are no longer bound by opaque practices, long wait times, or prohibitive minimums.

Why Choose Legal Pay

Legal Pay invests in commercial lawsuits in exchange for a portion of any potential recovery

LegalPay offers plaintiffs a flexible, non-recourse funding solution to cover litigation costs including lawyer’s expenses, expert witnesses, working capital, and more. In exchange for our investment, we share any potential monetary recovery.

LegalPay offers investors an opportunity to invest in legal claims through our online platform and dedicated pools. Investors earn returns on recoveries if plaintiffs prevail in their litigation. On a portfolio level, an investor can earn impressive returns that are upwards of 30% IRR. 

How it Works

Lawyers & Plaintiffs can directly submit claims for review



Submit your application for funding and execute an NDA



LegalPay team performs diligence on your case



LegalPay executes a term-sheet detailing terms of litigation-funding



Third-party litigation funding agreement is executed and funds are deployed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Litigation Funding has been in practice in India since the 18th century. A recent Supreme Court Judgement also stated that litigation funding is legal in India and only lawyers are not allowed to work on a contingency fee basis.

LegalPay invests in ongoing commercial litigations in forums such as High Courts, Supreme Court, NCLTs and commercial arbitrations.

When LegalPay selects a case for an investment, it bears the entire legal expense for the remaining duration of such case. LegalPay makes a non-recourse investment in commercial legal claims, implying LegalPay takes a cut only on the successful outcome.

LegalPay and the plaintiff mutually agree on a fixed percentage of the award before LegalPay invests in the case.

Any request for a refund is only applicable before the committed amount has been utilised for the case pool you had selected. In case you would like to seek a refund, please contact us at and we shall update you on the status of the case pool. If the case pool is yet to be invested, the committed amount will be refunded to you within 15 business days of your request.


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