Are you a Law Firm?

Join More than 4,000 Lawyers

Be a strategic partner to businesses and stand out from other law firms and lawyers

Position yourself as a strategic partner to businesses


Sales conversion tool

Lawyers by referring meritorious claims to LegalPay, can assist their clients in a better manner.
They can also generate more revenues.


Solve working capital challenges

Lawyers/Law-Firms are not required to follow up with its clients for payments, thus eliminating chances of defaults.


Strategic Partners

Position yourselves as strategic partners instead of cost-centres, 
thereby differentiating yourselves from other law firms


Increasing the market size

As LegalPay penetrates and organises the litigation funding market, Plaintiffs will pursue meritorious claims through third-party funders. This will mature the market and increase the overall size

Are you a Plaintiff?

Leverage Litigation financing

Transfer your litigation risks and financial burden to a third-party litigation funder

Why should you consider financing for your case?


Access to Justice

Pursue meritorious claims without straining P&L and have access to non-recourse funding. Engage with high quality law firms and have an even playing field, specifically against mighty businesses


Opportunity cost of capital

Reallocate expenses reserved for legal fees to make investments in products and employees


Increased chances of settlement

Defendants realise that when a plaintiff’s case is funded by a third-party funder, the plaintiff will not have paucity of capital


Financial Engineering

Legal expenses are a charge to P&L and any income arising on account of winning a law-suit is a one-off expense. Hence, businesses may better-off by shifting the risk of such litigation onto a third-party funder – LegalPay

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