ESG and Litigation Financing in India

ESG and Litigation Financing

An Overview Third-party litigation financing is a recourse to ‘access to justice.’ It is a more financially viable route through which individuals and businesses under financial distress can pursue their legal remedy. The existence of an external litigation funder sends a strong message to the opposite party that the funded party has done a proper analysis […]

Litigation Finance

ESG and Litigation Financing

Litigation Finance The Next Big Investment Opportunity In today’s world, everyone wants to be secured when it comes to litigation. Every person wants the best advice and representation from top-class lawyers. But can everyone afford it? Your case must be perfect on merits but is your lawyer competent enough to fight it against the big […]

The Boom of Alternative Investments

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Boom Of Alternative Investments When Market Is Volatile Anyone who has embarked on the journey of planning their personal finance in India would have seen the transition of investing patterns from traditional fixed income securities like fixed deposits to Market-based securities like mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks. While personal finance in India mainly looms around […]

A Guide to Litigation Funding

Understanding the ins and outs of this Alternative Asset Class Litigation funding, also known as ‘third party funding’ is a mechanism by which a third party unrelated to the lawsuit finances the costs of the legal proceedings of a plaintiff, especially those under financial stress, in exchange for a share of any recovery made through […]