Resolution Professionals

Fund insolvency process expenses

Funding solutions to meet exigencies and protect the assets of the companies.


Join More than 4,000 Lawyers

Be a strategic partner to businesses and stand out from other law firms and lawyers.


Leverage Litigation financing

Transfer your litigation risks and financial burden to a third-party litigation funder.

Resolution Profesionals

Accessibility to funds

Enables the RP to meet urgent and necessary expenses.

Low-cost financing

Get market-competitive interest rates for interim finance.

Quick disbursement

The entire transaction completes within 3 weeks.

Flexible solutions

Disbursement either in tranches or in bulk to meet the requirements.


Sales conversion tool

Lawyers can assist their clients in a better manner by referring meritorious claims to LegalPay.

Solve working capital challenges

Lawyers/Law-firms are not required to follow up with their clients for payments, thus eliminating chances of defaults.

Strategic partners

Position yourselves as strategic partners instead of cost-centers, thereby differentiating yourselves from other law firms.

Increasing the market size

As Legalpay penetrates and organizes the litigation funding market, Plaintiffs will pursue meritorious claims through third-party funders.


Access to justice

Pursue meritorious claims without straining P&L and have access to non-recourse funding.

Opportunity cost of capital

Reallocate expenses reserved for legal fees to make investments in products and employees.

Increased chances of settlement

Defendants realise that when a plaintiff’s case is funded by a third party funder, the plaintiff will not have a paucity of capital.

Financial engineering

Legal expenses are a charge to P&L and any income arising on account of winning a lawsuit is a one-off expense. Hence, businesses may better-off by shifting the risk of such litigation onto a third-party funder.

We make investing easy


Submit your application for funding and execute NDA


LegalPay sends a contract detailing terms of funding


LegalPay team performs diligence on case


Contract executed and funding deployed